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The Arc of San Angelo encompasses several programs that aim to raise awareness and offer services for persons with disabilities, their families and the professionals in the field of service.

Autism Alliance of the Concho Valley

Autism Alliance of the Concho Valley

For those unfamiliar with us, the Autism Alliance of the Concho Valley was founded in November of 2015 by a very small group of passionate and dedicated volunteers. At this time the AACV was also lucky enough to be adopted as a program of The Arc of San Angelo, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our aim with the Autism Alliance is to provide support, community events, training, networking, and grants in order to help meet the specific needs of children and adults with autism, as well as their families, within the Concho Valley. Our hope is to foster a sense of community, support, and most importantly respect and accommodation for those on the Autism Spectrum.

Every April we participate Autism Awareness Month. This past year, The Autism Alliance partnered with a local theatre group to host an autism-friendly performance of Junie B. Jones. Board members and volunteers engaged in social media to promote awareness through stories and mimes, as well as live television interviews to discuss autism and the effects on the individual, family and community. The month ended with an Autism Walk with over 1200 people attending and donations in excess of $25,000 to purchase services such as iPads for augmentative communication and learning, specialized equipment, opportunities for families to attend state-wide conferences and more.

AACV Programs

Spectrum Sitters

Spectrum Sitters is a program that connects parents of children on the autism spectrum to specially trained sitters who want to work with children. Spectrum Sitters recruits and trains teens, college students, and others who are then matched with families who need babysitting help for children age 12 and under.

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AACV Events

2019 SAVE THE DATE!!! Walk for Autism

Saturday April 27, 2019

8:30AM - 11:00AM

Angelo State University

Pavillion at the Campus Green

The Walk for Autism is a donation drive and walk to support autism awareness in the Concho Valley. Teams and/or individuals can make donations or sign up to walk as a team during the event. Teams can compete with each other for top fund raiser leading up to the walk. ALL FUNDS RAISED STAY IN THE CONCHO VALLEY.

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ThAUTful Theatre

No ThAUTful Theatre Event is currently scheduled.

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Sensory Santa 2019

Check back in October for specific date/time/location

Sensory Santa is a holiday photo opportunity for families with children on the autism spectrum. We provide a mellow and laid-back setting for families to take holiday photos with santa without the stresses of a large public venue. Activity stations are also provided on site.

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Starting in January 2016, The Arc embarked on an endeavor to provide family information and networking sessions at the public library for families with children with developmental disabilities, including Autism, Down Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, etc. The program is called A-R-C for Access-Resources-Connections. Sessions are free of charge and qualified, highly-trained volunteers offer engaging childcare in the Children’s Library while parents are participating in the informational sessions. Session Topics include: Identifying and Accessing Local Benefits and Services, How to Prepare for the Transitions, the Basics of Educational Planning, the ABC’s of Acronyms, the Process of Individual Education Plan (ARD) Meetings, Guardianship; Less-Restricted Alternatives and Supported Decision-Making, the ABC’s of Challenging Behaviors, Advocacy Strategies, and more. Look for dates to be announced.

Learn more about Access-Resources-Connections:

Court Visitor Program

The purpose is to train community volunteers and students to visit individuals, on behalf of the Court, and prepare reports which are then reviewed by the Court. This important monitoring function enables the Court to have first-hand information regarding the persons under its supervision and determine whether a guardianship should be continued, modified, terminated or other actions be taken.

Requirements: Interested persons should submit a completed application, consent to a criminal background check and participate in a one-time training opportunity. There is not a set number of visits per volunteer.

Court Visitor Qualifications:

  1. Must be 18 years old and pass a criminal background check
  2. Access to a car or other reliable transportation and current liability auto insurance
  3. Good listening skills, patience and tact
  4. Ability to work with a wide variety of individuals, including people with significant physical and mental impairments form different racial, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds
  5. Ability to remain objective and nonjudgmental in making reports to the Court
  6. Ability to keep information confidential
  7. Willingness to visit people where they reside – whether that be in private residences, nursing homes, group homes, hospitals and other care facilities

Volunteer Benefits:

  1. Volunteers enjoy individual flexible scheduling with no required or set office hours
  2. Interviews with those involved with active guardianship cases
  3. Opportunity to perform case studies and review county clerk official records
  4. Develop excellent time management, case management, case assessment, interview and organizational skills
  5. Gain practical experience that will enhance resumes

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Guardianship Alliance

The Arc began a new program in the Concho Valley in 1999 called the Guardianship Alliance. The program recruits, trains and supports community volunteers to serve as Advocates for low-income individuals with decision-making needs that have no other family or friends willing or appropriate to serve as their guardian.

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Supported Decision-Making

In 2011 the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities chose The Arc to pilot the only project on Supported-Decision Making in Texas. The three-year pilot identified benefits, target populations, barriers to implementation and use of this Less-Restricted Alternative. The main barrier was that a Supported-Decision Making Agreement would not be acknowledged by medical or other service providers because Texas law did not recognize the Agreement as lawful. Therefore, a bill was presented which resulted in legislation effective September 1, 2015 which allows families to avoid rights removal and costly legal fees when a possible Agreement can be executed between one willing to provide decision-making support to one who needs help with understanding the choices laid before him or her. The Arc facilitated the first Supported-Decision Making Agreement on September 1, 2015; the first of its kind in all the U.S. The Arc has now facilitated 5 additional agreements with 2 others in progress. The program is monitoring the use and effectiveness of the Agreements in order to provide continuous recommendations for improvement to the legislature.

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